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“In the late summer of 2016, we decided that we were way overdue to remodel our kitchen and bathroom. We came up with a general plan and had three different contractors bid on our concept. During this process, a co-worker told me that New Spaces had recently remodeled their kitchen. They invited us over to view the remodeled kitchen and told us how great it was to work with the New Spaces team. Even though we were ready to pick one of the other contractors, we called New Spaces to have them come out for an interview with us. Jennifer McClellan visited with us that next week and it was immediately clear to us that New Spaces did things differently than the other contractors that we had interviewed. Based on this interview, we put our decision on hold so we could see what the New Spaces designers would come up with.

Several weeks later we met with the New Spaces designers (Jayme and Kerrilynn) and they presented three different designs to us. The first was based on our original concept and was similar to what the other contractors presented to us. Then they presented the second design and it took both of our breaths away. It was a wide open concept which would remove all of the walls that separated our kitchen from the dining room and living room. This was something we hadn’t even considered. The third design was also based on the wide open concept. We worked with Jayme and Kerrilynn during that meeting to combine portions of the second and third design to come up with a preliminary design. We decided right then that we would hire them to complete the design and come up with the final cost estimate.

A few weeks later the final design was complete and the estimate was in our ballpark, thus the decision to go with New Spaces was an easy one. Because this was a major remodel, we lived in our lower level for the three months that it took to complete this project. During the remodel, we would get a weekly email from Sara, the scheduler, that detailed the work was going to be performed during the week. When we did have a couple issues during the remodel, Sara always quickly addressed them and communicated the path forward.

There is no way I could come up with enough compliments for Ross, our lead carpenter. He was awesome to work with and it was obvious to us that he took immense pride in his work. The completed project looks even better than the design that was shown to us when we met with the designers. Now when we have our immediate family of 15 over for dinners, we can all be on the main floor. We usually have our 6 grandsons eat at the beautiful kitchen island while the adults sit at the dining room table. If you are planning to remodel, I highly recommend that you meet with New Spaces!”

– Brian Rowell

Highly recommend you take the time to get to know this company prior to making any decisions about remodeling. The process from design through construction is very well done, but it is even more about the people and we say they are exceptional. For some background, we first used New Spaces to complete a 2007 kitchen/living room remodel, and most recently had them complete their fourth project in our home when we decided to upgrade our basement from a wide open playroom to a more formal living and entertainment area. The designers always took the time to develop a plan unique to our needs and tastes (and budget!)…and the lead carpenter (Ross) is not only extremely talented, but simply put is just a super person. For us the people are as important as the product, and with New Spaces we believe we got the best of both!

– Merle Waters

The staff at New Spaces will take your dreams and make them a reality. The kitchen I had always dreamed of was made a reality in 2104. From the moment I had my first consultation with Jennifer, to my in-home meeting with Amber, to the final consultation at their offices with three design plans to choose from, I have the kitchen I have always wanted. Working within my price range, I was able to get the center island I have always wanted, a huge pantry, a beautiful gas stove, beautiful counter tops and flooring to the pass-through from the kitchen to the dining room! Enough kitchen cabinets to hold all of my everyday and fancy items. The contractors were very easy to work with and totally professional. If I had any questions on anything they took the time to answer them. They worked with me throughout the entire project and the project was completed on time with no problems. I would highly recommend you check out New Spaces for any remodeling needs you may have. These people know what they are doing and they do it with the utmost respect for the customer and their home.

– Lynda Edstrom

Stunning service for my major house addition.

– David Pederson

You get what you pay for. These folks are worth every penny.

We built our split-entry house in 1992 and have raised two kids who are now on their own. At the time, we had insisted on a larger space for the kitchen and it has served us well. After 20 years, we wanted to renovate the kitchen and open things up. The results have been spectacular.

After visiting numerous model homes and homes on remodelers showcase tours, we selected New Spaces to do the work. Amber and Jennifer did fantastic work up front to repurpose and redesign the space, but the Lead Carpenter, Ed Finneseth, was the rock star of this production. His skill, professionalism and attention to detail took this kitchen remodel from a large TV monitor to a finished product that is nothing short of awesome.

– John Olson

We began our journey with New Spaces when their homeowner Advisor Jennifer McClellan came out to do an initial consultation. She had great ideas that we had never thought of. We immediately moved to the design phase. New Spaces prepared 3 different designs that they showed us in their showroom at their facility. It was very cool to be able to pick all our favorite concepts and designs from each option and start to shape our new kitchen. From there, we decided that New Spaces had sufficiently proven their value and worth in the whole process so we chose to work with them on the kitchen remodeling project.

With the assistance of our designer, we began to pick out all the specifics of our kitchen (IE: countertops, faucets, lighting, tiling, flooring, paint). They were very helpful and even willing to go shopping with us to give their insight on materials and trends. After all our extras were picked out, they prepared a thorough proposal that included all kitchen demo, cabinet build, electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring,installing appliances, and project management. Our lead carpenter, Ross, happily went about his business and explained everything that was happening in the process. There was nothing he couldn’t do. The timing and implementation of the project was all very well orchestrated. Once the project was complete, they even came in and did a professional cleaning that made the kitchen truly “ours”.

Our experience with New Spaces was the best it could possibly be and we couldn’t be happier with our kitchen or the whole process. They truly made it a one stop shop. Thank you New Spaces !

– Ty & Mary Hovet

Dear Potential New Spaces Clients:

General: New Spaces renovated our kitchen and dinette in the winter-spring of 2015. They did a wonderful job and we are pleased with the results.

We are the original owners of our house. When we built it in 1988 we had lots of arguments with the contractor and his subcontractors. This never happened with New Spaces. Every aspect of the project was handled in a calm professional manner.

Planning: Sharon Barczak worked with us on the design. She listened to our desires, took copious notes and photographs of the area, and asked us for an approximate budget. Sharon then used a CAD program to show us what the new kitchen could look like. She also gave us additional ideas and suggested improvements to our design. Sharon then worked with us to choose floor tile, ceiling fixtures and lighting, countertop materials, and paint. Her ideas were excellent and we incorporated most of them into the final design.

New Spaces then drew up final plans well within our budget.

Scheduling: Sara Laurent is the production manager at New Spaces. Before starting, Sara sent us a schedule of when our renovation would start, and what would be done each week. We have heard stories of renovations where schedules were not met and homeowners were left for weeks with an unusable kitchen. This never happened! The schedule was met. We were always able to use the portions of the kitchen not being worked on. We were informed in advance of the two days that the appliances had to be removed to install the new flooring so we could prepare for this minor disruption.

The Work: Ross Gravrok was our lead carpenter. He is an excellent carpenter, is pleasant to work with, and has an excellent sense of what will work and what should be modified. Several times he sat down with us and suggested changes either because of an unexpected problem (such as finding plumbing pipes behind a soffit that was to be removed) or because he had an idea that would make the renovation work better (such as reversing the door opening on the refrigerator). His suggestions were excellent and the renovation turned out better because of them. Ross was very careful with the existing appliances and cabinetry to make sure nothing that was to remain was damaged.

Trade Partners: Sharon, Ross, and Sara refer to subcontractors as “trade partners.” We agree that Trade Partners is a more appropriate term. New Spaces has used these trade partners for many years and can vouch for their quality. The partners showed up on time and did the work efficiently and professionally. If they had a question or were unsure of something, they either asked Ross, my wife, or me what we wanted to do. This avoided miscommunication and redoing work.

One particular trade partner we would like to thank is the cabinet maker, Jason Christianson of JC Cabinets. Because we were keeping many of the existing cabinets, the new cabinetry needed to match both the style and stain of the existing cabinets. Jason matched the style and stain of the new cabinets perfectly. This became apparent when both the countertop and floor tile installers remarked on the beauty of the “all new cabinets.” Both were surprised to find out that only three cabinets were new.

Cost: New Spaces was very professional and kept us informed as to where we were in regard to their cost estimate and our budget. Several times during the renovation, we received a statement of amount due under the contract. Included along with this statement was a list of work performed, costs, and whether we were over or under budget. As we mentioned above, we came in on budget and on time.

In summary we love our remodeled kitchen and we highly recommend New Spaces for your renovation.

– Jan & Lou Leichter

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