Kitchen Remodel


Who lives here

Galen, Joan and their two pet Corgis.

Obstacles and Opportunities

With the kids “launched” Galen and Joan were ready for an aesthetic upgrade that would stand-up to the wear and tear of their two Corgis.

No more soffits, more counters and cabinets

This corner of the kitchen used to have a broom closet tucked behind the cabinets. Cabinets above and below the counter offset the loss of storage, and the extra countertop near the stove is essential for comfortable and easy cooking. Under cabinet lighting illuminates the workspace. Direct lighting is the best for chopping veggies or preparing a holiday feast.

Must have kitchen feature: pull-out pantry shelves

These days no New Spaces kitchen is complete without a super pantry, a cabinet with deep shelves mounted on drawer slides. This innovative cabinet design makes it possible to actually use the entire shelf to store dry goods. No more stale crackers in the back of the pantry!

Natural tones and classic materials

Galen and Joan have lived in their 1979 rambler since 1980. When their children grew-up and moved out, they were ready for a change and decided that the time was right to update their kitchen.

BEFORE: Incoherent, dated spec-house style

Built to appeal to the broadest possible audience, this 1970s kitchen ultimately satisfied no one. Too many stark white surfaces evoke an institutional, rather than a domestic sense of place. The overly emphatic wood grain of the cabinets over the sink didn’t match the cabinets near the breakfast nook.

AFTER: Naturally timeless kitchen design

This new kitchen design has a slightly modified layout, allowing for more cabinet and counter space. What makes this pull-and-replace remodel shine is how the new design creates harmony between the natural look of the cabinets and floors, and the classic white subway tiles and stainless steel appliances.

Nestled between the cabinets, a table recreates the function and ambiance of the old breakfast nook. New semi-custom Starmark cabinets have a more subtle wood grain pattern and craftsman-inspired recessed panel construction. Light beige stone-look floor tiles with narrow grout lines create the elegant look of a unified stone floor.

The granite countertops and full height backsplash are two places where Galen and Joan decided to “splurge” a little. Deciding to emphasize one or two areas of your kitchen with extra details, or dramatic materials can go a long way to creating a distinctive, stylish kitchen without burning through your budget.

For example, instead of creating a flashy glass tile backsplash these homeowners selected a classic subway tile design with a narrow contrasting stripe and a small square accent tiles. Voila! A unique and charming backsplash at a fraction of the cost.

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