Kitchen Remodel

Lakeville, MN

Who lives here

John and Ann – empty nesters that were ready for an upgrade.

Obstacles and Opportunities

A modest budget and long wish list was an opportunity for our designers to do what they do best: help homeowners prioritize their goals and needs to create a beautiful and functional space.

Same Footprint, Different Layout

John and Ann met the New Spaces team during the 2013 Remodelers Showcase. When their children turned into adults, they decided it was time to update their kitchen to reflect their lifestyle and aesthetic. Working with our designers, they were able to prioritize their wants and needs to get maximum function and enjoyment from their new kitchen on a modest budget.


A hanging pot rack in the center of the kitchen draws focus and makes this average-sized kitchen feel itty-bitty. Dated cabinets don’t help the situation, and the central island has become a catch-all surface instead of a work space.


The new layout is centered around a central island with storage, seating, and a gas cooktop. 42″ upper cabinets add additional storage and have a simpler, timeless look. Lower cabinets with a mix of drawers and doors store pots and pans – goodbye hanging pot rack! All that and new lighting turned this kitchen into a bright and inviting space.

This transitional kitchen design mixes contemporary elements like the sleek stainless steel apron sink with traditional features like wood cabinets. Mixing styles and time periods creates a look that ages gracefully.

The most dramatic change is the paddle-shaped central island, which minimizes congestion. A narrower section for cooking has a gas cook top and deep drawers for storing pots and pans. The wider section has enough space for three adults to comfortably eat together.

Creative solution for a design challenge

Creating an eat-in island in this average sized kitchen was a challenge. How do you create space to move and work, while also providing room for three adults to sit down? The solution: borrow design inspiration from a café table. Using a central post to support the countertop provides plenty of stability and legroom.

Convenient pull out storage solutions

Even though the island is just wide enough to fit a cooktop, spices and oils are still right at hand in this pull-out spice rack.

The pull-out pantry makes it easy to stay organized and reduces food waste. No more stale crackers or expired snacks. Consider pull-out storage instead of deep cabinets. There are no dark corners in a drawer, and you’ll never have to squat down to dig for rarely used ingredients.

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