Kitchen Remodel

Rosemount, MN

Who lives here

Chris and Angela.

Obstacles and Opportunities

Plagued by poor lighting and a dated design, this 1980s kitchen in Rosemount was overdue for a renovation.

Angela and Chris have lived in their 1984-built split-level home since 2002. They visited a New Spaces project in the Remodelers’ Showcase and decided to come to our showroom for a design interview. After a dozen years in their kitschy kitchen, they were ready to update their space to match their lifestyle and aesthetic sensibility.

Before: Dimly-lit design had to go

With only a few overhead lights and cabinets hanging over every countertop, all the workspaces in this kitchen were barely illuminated. The wall between the kitchen and the living room restricted the flow of light. The vinyl tile flooring, cabinets, and wallpaper border were better left in the past.

After: More cabinets, counters, and an updated traditional design

Instead of a wall and doorway, the new layout uses a half-wall to divide the kitchen and the living room. The kitchen feels more open and light circulates throughout the home. Relocating the refrigerator made space for counters and cabinets along the new half-wall – adding work space and storage.

The new kitchen design uses the concept of a “kitchen work triangle” to guide the layout. With easy access to the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop, using this kitchen has never been easier. And Angela can stay connected to what’s happening in the living room while she is baking (something she loves to do!).

The new Countryside cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling, adding more storage space to this kitchen and eliminating a dusty surface to clean. The Cambria quartz countertops have the distinctive look of granite without the maintenance hassle.

Deep storage drawers have ample room for plasticware or pots and pans, and can even be used as a pantry. Consider pull-out storage instead of deep cabinets. There are no dark corners in a drawer, and you’ll never have to squat down to dig for rarely used utensils.

The same microwave and gas range look brand new when they are framed by this full-height ceramic backsplash. Slightly oversized subway tiles complemented by iridescent decorative tile ribbons protect the wall from splashes and stains while adding timeless charm to this kitchen design.

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