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Burnsville, MN

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Paul and Susan.

Obstacles and Opportunities

Many people choose to renovate their kitchen not because they hate the layout or need more space, but because it looks outdated. A pull-and-replace kitchen facelift – replacing the cabinets, countertops, and flooring – keeps the costs low and impact high.

After 40 years, 1970’s kitchen gets an overdue update

Paul and Susan considered their remodeling project for many years before teaming-up with New Spaces to give their 1970’s kitchen an overdue makeover. Their first kitchen lasted over 40 years, and this one might last just as long. Working with a designer makes is easy to find and pick floors, cabinets, and countertops that balance style, durability, and cost.

Many people choose to renovate their kitchen not because they hate the layout or need more space, but because it looks outdated. After living with their dated kitchen for 30 years, Paul and Susan asked New Spaces to help them create their new kitchen. To help these homeowners stick to their budget the layout of the kitchen stayed unchanged. Saving money on reconfiguring the space allowed Paul and Susan to replace the cabinets, countertops, and floors – all within their modest budget.

So long soffits! New cabinets with enduring looks.

The homeowners were happy to see their old soffits say goodbye. New semi-custom Countryside cabinets are built from solid maple and go all the way to the ceiling. Semi-custom cabinets can be a high-quality and affordable way to combine the benefits of box and custom cabinetry. Selecting classic finishes like white and stainless ensure that your design stays neutral as the years go by. There is nothing worse than waking up from a remodel ten years later to popcorn ceilings and honey-oak cabinets. Get educated on your cabinet options.

Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean missing out on-top-of-the-line features. These full-sized drawers have dovetail joints for added strength. Pullout cabinets are growing in popularity. We install them in more and more kitchens everyday. It’s no mystery why – after all no one likes to take everything out to just to reach that special cake pan or extra-large container way in the back.

Here is a feature to love: a pullout spice rack. We are so over seeing narrow shelves behind the stove. There could not be a worse place to put all the things you’ll need as you cook family dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, or a simple bowl of popcorn. Not only do all the containers get sticky from cooking oil and steam, if you do need a jar or bottle when you are cooking it’s too easy to get burned by bubbling sauce or oil. This convenient, space saving design keeps ingredients out of sight, but close at hand while keeping you a safe distance from your food.

Durable materials save money in the long run

Selecting materials based on price alone may save money now, but down the road leave you stuck with repair and replacement costs. For many years, durability in countertops meant natural stone or other expensive option. Today it is important not to overlook vinyl and laminate options. These products have come a long way since the kitchens of yesteryear. High-pressure laminate countertops come in many modern and traditional styles and offer substantial savings over other materials. These homeowners initially wanted granite countertops, but eventually chose Nevamar high-pressure laminate countertops.

In order to make every dollar count, these homeowners didn’t just choose the right cabinets, countertops, and floors. They also reused what they could from their old kitchen. The sink, faucet, and soap dispenser were all removed, and then reinstalled in the new kitchen. Paul and Susan also decided to hang on to the appliances that they had and replace them later.

If you love the layout but hate the look, a pull-and-replace kitchen makeover could be right for you.

Make sure you are choosing materials based on quality, not just on price. This is where New Spaces can help you the most. Save even more by doing some of the demolition yourself, or reuse your appliances to stretch your dollar even further.

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