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The master bath of this mid-century home was remodeled once in the 1960s. Now, the pink and black design looks dated. In this bathroom renovation, a room stuck in the past is brought into the present. Vintage inspired details tie the bathroom into the design of the rest of the home, and modern amenities will keep this timeless bathroom current for years.

Craftsman-inspired design

The master bath of this mid-century home in Highland Park, St. Paul had been remodeled once before in the 1960s. New Spaces bathroom renovation transformed a room stuck in the past into a current space with timeless details.

Before and after: From tired and retro to a timeless look

Vintage inspired selections keep the spirit of the old bathroom, while doing away with the dated color palette and worn out fixtures. Mixing curved and straight lines, this bright new design mixes traditional and contemporary elements.

The thoughtful combination of colors and textures creates an atmosphere for relaxation

Goldenrod walls are a bright note, softened by the natural textures and neutral tones of the floor and shower. Glossy white subway tile combined with the full-length door mirror reflects light and brightens the room.

Walk-in and doorless showers are a trend towards bringing the spa home, as well as planning for aging with your home. The ceramic tile shower stall features an inset shelf to keep shampoos and soaps off the ground. What about water on the floor? This design keeps it dry by allowing the industry-standard five feet of depth from the shower head for splash. Additionally, a low ledge keeps water from overflowing the shower stalland onto the floor.

Classic and vintage inspired details blend into the rest of this St. Paul home

The sinks, cabinets, drawers, and fixtures were all selected to blend-in with the design of the rest of the home. Twin pedestal sinks and separate old style medicine cabinets are an inspired vintage look. Craftsman drawers sit nearly flush with the tile wall. A candle ledge fashioned from a granite remnant adds a romantic touch. Tastefully retro sconces mounted on bronze colored panels match the timeless bronze finish of the fixtures in this St. Paul, MN bathroom.

Classic white subway tile with a bullnose top replaces the old pink and black look. A pencil line tile accent brings stone textures from the shower stall and bathroom floor to the wall. Neutral, sand colored floor tiles are heated from below; stepping out of the tubis like stepping onto the warm beach. The new free standing soaker tub has an elegant curve, and the deck mounted faucet lets you lie back in either direction. Linen closet tucked under the dormer makes efficient use of short spaces.

White grout with white subway tile creates a clean and streamlined look. Not a wasted inch, this hidden shelf puts toilet paper right at hand.

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