Kitchen Remodel

Burnsville, MN

Who lives here

Mark and Ruth.

Obstacles and Opportunities

The old kitchen was small and had a peninsula that hogged the all the space. Ruth has fibromyalgia and needed their new kitchen meet her needs now and into the future.

Mark and Ruth have been living in their 1978-built home for over 29 years, and they don’t imagine themselves moving anytime soon. They love their quiet Burnsville street and the architectural character of their home.

When Mark and Ruth came to New Spaces, they had a lot of vision for their new space. Our designers worked alongside them to prioritize the elements that were most important to them. The outcome: a light modern kitchen that feels open and inviting.

Before: Tight, claustrophobic design

The closed-off kitchen was small and dominated by a pass-through peninsula. Dark wood upper cabinets blocked the flow of light and conversation between the kitchen and dining rooms. The existing kitchen was tiny! Because it lacked a pantry, Mark and Ruth were using the closet to store canned and dry goods.


After: A modern and open kitchen to enjoy

The new design adds square footage to the kitchen with a slight bump-out and by shifting the peninsula towards the dining room. Both rooms feel larger with a lighter color palette. Of course, we made sure to relocate their pantry to the kitchen.


The existing windows fit perfectly within this modernist kitchen remodel. The flat slab-front cabinets reference classic mid-century design. Darker wood trim at the tops and bottoms of the upper cabinets matches the floor and unifies the design.

The lower course of cabinets includes several deep storage drawers. Using drawers for storage has obvious advantages, which makes them a great universal design feature. Unlike cabinets with dark hard to reach corners, pull-out storage makes everything easy to see and reach.


This white brick tile backsplash is full height where it counts – protecting the wall behind the stove from spatters and stains. The glass tile center piece is laid out in a herring bone bond pattern that is reminiscent of a woven basket. A ribbon of micro-brick tile wraps around the kitchen, echoing the colors of the center piece and providing a refreshing accent throughout the space.

Easy access pull-out pantry solution


Having a pantry next to the refrigerator is 100% more practical than having one in your coat closet! This pull-out pantry is accessible from both sides.


An under-counter microwave pops open at the touch of a button. This space-saving design keeps the counter clear of appliance clutter and seamlessly blends into the modern style of this kitchen.

An undermount sink means there is no seam for water to soak into, eliminating habitat for mildew and protecting the countertop from water damage. Because the sink is fixed to the counter from below, it’s easy to wipe cooking scraps and crumbs right into the sink. That little round button off the top right corner of the sink? That’s a minimalist on/off switch for the garbage disposal. Not only is it convenient, but because the installation doesn’t require an electrician it saves money too.

Family room makeover

To make the most of their budget the homeowners removed the old carpeting and we replaced all the flooring in the kitchen, dining room, and family room. The finish of this solid hardwood flooring was applied at the factory, and is more durable than any finish that could be applied on site.

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