Basement Remodel

Minnetonka, MN

Who lives here

Kim and Kathy

Obstacles and Opportunities

These homeowners wanted to simplify their divided floor plan into a single extra-large flex space that could be used as an office, family room, and guest room.

Kim and Kathy were returning New Spaces clients seeking an update for the lower level of their modest 1980s town home. Their goal was to design a single space to encompass all of their needs, while having a little personality to boot.

Before: Dark and divided rooms

A wall between the family room and home office obstructed the flow of natural light between the two spaces. Two smaller spaces couldn’t adapt for bigger crowds at parties and family gatherings.

After: Bright and open space

A single room with a built-in desk and lots of storage maximizes flexible space that can be used for anything from watching a movie or hosting an out-of-town guest, to launching your Etsy-empire.

Creative design to create multifunctional space

Minnetonka basement remodel can be configured as a home theater or guest bedroom

To fit many functions into a modestly-sized space, the homeowners and designers had to get creative. Kim and Kathy’s friends and family are getting a little too old for pull-out accommodations so they wanted an extra bed to host overnight guests. However, because the guest room is also the home theater floor space for a bed was scarce. They needed an unconventional solution. Easy to deploy and nearly invisible when put away, a Murphy bed with a real, full-sized mattress was the perfect fit for Kim and Kathy’s new basement design.

The eye-catching black and red floor is actually made from cork. Cork is an uncommon but high performing flooring selection. Soft, water resistant, durable, and a good insulator! Because cork can be easily stained by a spilled drink or snack, selecting darker colors was a wise design choice for a home theater area.

Vintage-Mod basement bathroom remodel

This retro-mod powder room is an instant classic. From the crisp black and white theme, to classic subway tiles, and the vintage-inspired tile floor, every detail has been perfectly coordinated. It’s guaranteed that you will leave feeling posh and refreshed.

Professional home office remodel

Staccato red accents adorn the office and kitchenette.

This professional home office is designed to be streamlined and functional. Neatly tucked into the corner, the refrigerator and sink take up as little space as possible – even the microwave has its own dedicated shelf. Under-cabinet task lighting makes it easy to grab a snack during a movie. Cabinets, countertops, even a built-in computer desk wrap around the perimeter creating plenty of space to store office supplies, snacks, and games.

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