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Lakeville, MN

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We worked with this home owner to deliver the absolute highest value kitchen remodel possible, with an eye on budget.

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Before and After Kitchen Remodel in Lakeville

One of the first things you’ll notice in this kitchen remodel, we focused heavily on the cabinets.  In order to bring a light, more open feel, we decided on white cabinets.

This Lakeville kitchen remodel also feautured a granite countertop, which ended up being one of the most beautiful single pieces of granite we’ve come across in a long time.  It was spectacular, and it really pulled the kitchen together.

Contrasts are always appealing, so we put dark hardware on the white cabinets.

Bringing texture and function to a kitchen is important, and the tile backsplash provides just that.  This simple, yet elegant tile backslash provides such wonderful texture to the entire room, and it was a very high value feature for this kitchen.

Another way we transformed the kitchen in this remodel, was to lay a continuous Luxury Vinyl Flooring  from dining room into kitchen. Luxury vinyl flooring, or LFV, is a variant of standard vinyl flooring because it can mimic natural materials like stone or wood, because it has a realistic image layer and a high quality texturing.  Again, this helped bring a subtle layer of depth.

Upgrading to stainless steel appliances causes every room to look more modern almost instantaneously.

Subtle contrasts and complimentary textures make a remodel look spectacular, and the glass cabinet feature was a perfect piece to creates a little Intrigue in the Corner

A U-Shaped Kitchen can be Very Functional! U-shapes are Hard to Work With Sometimes With All Those Corners but it Can Be Done Well

A Bay Window can Be Your Friend, Not Just a “What Do I Do With It” in the Middle of Your Kitchen


Before and After Photo Gallery:

Take a look at the before and after photos of this Lakeville Minnesota kitchen remodel from July 2017. Here at New Spaces, we’ve been a remodeling company specializing in Kitchens, Main Levels, Bathrooms and Basements since 1981.

This kitchen had some challenges because it was a “u-shaped” kitchen from the 1980’s, and it also had a bay window.

Homeowners are often at a loss for ideas when they approach us in these situations since there are so many corners and it can feel overwhelming.

If you’re dealing with a 1980’s or 1990’s kitchen, and you’re looking for ideas, we really encourage you to come spend some time at our remodeler seminars called “Trends and Spends.”

Our Trends and Spends Remodelers Seminars are meant to equip people with ideas, and information to begin building a framework for their remodeling budget.

We put these events on because we love helping people build a vision for the future of their home, without a high pressure sales pitch.

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