Kitchen Remodel

Edina, MN

Who lives here

Mary and her two children.

Obstacles and Opportunities

By the time Mary came to New Spaces this 1950s kitchen was worn out. She took the opportunity to create a comfortable and inviting kitchen, adding value to her home.

Beautiful transitional kitchen design

The layout of this white kitchen is formed around a basic L-shape, the new design does away with the peninsula which used to jut out and interrupt the space. The new central island with granite countertop is larger and runs parallel to the sink, dishwasher, and most of the kitchen cabinets. This arrangement is more visually harmonious and maximizes efficiency during cooking and when it’s time to clean-up.

Before: Worn out 1950’s Edina kitchen

The basic layout of this kitchen stayed the same. The cabinets, counters, and island got a total refresh.

After: Timeless white kitchen design

Banished are the old slab-front honey oak cabinets, replaced with white StarMark cabinets with stainless steel pulls and handles.

White kitchen fusing traditional and contemporary elements

Integrated throughout the design, stainless steel appliances and floating shelves give this otherwise traditional kitchen an industrial edge. When a contemporary element accents traditional ones, it creates a fresh effect that won’t feel like a fad in the coming years.

Plenty of storage space included with the eat-in island.

The most significant change to the kitchen is easy to miss. The slight bumpout to make room for more storage and an updated picture window looks seamless.

The new extra-wide window brings in all the natural light the homeowner desired. Surrounded by drawers, cabinets, wine racks, and a Caesarstone quartz countertop, this area is now a functional storage and landing area for the kitchen. Don’t miss the playful square mosaic stripe just below the window sill!


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