Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Designers help to make decisions with confidence

New Spaces make planning your kitchen or remodeling project easy and fun.

If you’ve picked a look you love from your favorite blog, magazine, or tv
show, our designers can help you work within a budget to achieve your
vision. By exploring options for layout, construction, cabinetry,
materials, and finishes we help you determine YOUR priorities and decide
where it make sense to save, spend, or splurge.

This award-winning kitchen was completed for under $50,000. Luxury vinyl flooring looks like high-end stone tiles and the laminate countertops are on-trend.

Choose realistic look alikes for floors and counters

No one will blame you for fantasizing about marble instead of Marmoleum. However, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl, linoleum, and ceramic tile are all easy on the eyes and the bank account.

Just a few affordable flooring options from wood laminates to luxury linoleum.

Semi-Custom cabinets can be a perfect fit

Pull-out spice rack and cabinet drawers in this pull-and-replace kitchen renovation.

Sticking to your budget doesn’t mean missing out on top-of-the-line features; whether you want pull-out shelves, a built-in wine rack, or a magic corner – semi-custom cabinetry offers quality construction, abundant design flexibility, and is generally more affordable than custom cabinets. Our designers work with you to configure your cabinetry for maximum storage and functionality.

Learn more about the cost of remodeling at our Realistic Remodeling Workshop.

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big decision, and one you don’t want to regret. Do you decide to build the kitchen of your dreams regardless of the cost? Or do you compromise on quality only to find yourself back where you started in just a few years!?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose! You can have a terrific kitchen, even if your budget is modest.

Getting the most value from your budget requires careful planning and design. All the costs of a kitchen remodel can generally be broken down into two categories: materials and labor. Every decision you make from removing the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, to choosing the pattern of your backsplash will affect the bottom line.

Pull and replace. Make decisions in advance.

Pull andreplace remodel in 1970s Burnsville kitchen

Making major changes such as removing a wall, adding square footage, or relocating water and electrical, can add many hours of skilled labor to the project. It’s usually faster and easier to “pull and replace” than it is to “relocate” windows, doors, walls, plumbing, and electrical. A professional designer from New Spaces can help you see what can be achieved with your existing layout. You might be surprised by the possibilities!

Likewise any delays that slow down progress will add cost. Here, New Spaces’ skills in design and planning can make a significant difference. By making all of your decisions and selections in advance, you can be sure that everything will arrive on time.

If you’ve already decided to keep your layout basically the same, then making smart decisions about what materials you choose is the next place to manage costs.

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