Basement & Bathroom Remodel

Bloomington, MN

A Basement Revitalization

In this basement, underutilized space made way for a sensible floor plan with a lot to offer. An inviting TV room offers all of the comforts that a living room might provide along with the functionality that comes with having a bar top and elevated seating. Connected to this space you’ll find a room that would make for the perfect office or extra bedroom. Large windows provide all sorts of light and a closet space offers the perfect opportunity to make the bedroom extremely functional.

In addition to all of this, a full movie theater with an incredible speaker system and lighting setup sits nearby. With acoustic paneling, a great space, and many wonderful enhancements and extras, this space really comes alive in the best kind of way. Three sliding doors allow the space to open up for social gatherings and close for movies.

Main Bathroom Revamp

Besides the basement, the New Spaces team took on the main bathroom to redo a leaky shower and tired out design. The end result was an incredible and unique space that was completely remodeled to provide great functionality.

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