Bathroom Remodel

Bloomington, MN

Who lives here

Mike, Teresa, and their two kids.

Obstacles and Opportunities

Without enlarging the bathroom’s footprint, New Spaces created a layout that maximizes comfort and privacy during the morning and evening rush hour.


Cheerful Bathroom Renovation For Four

Mike and Teresa came to New Spaces because their family of four needed to end rush-hour bathroom congestion in the morning and before bedtime. The family uses this bathroom as their main bathroom, so the new design had to be able to accommodate at least two (and sometimes four!) people sharing the space at once.

BEFORE: Swing! Whap! A problematic door has to go.

While this family was happy to share, the bathroom door opened into whoever was using the vanity. This design flaw, combined with limited storage, meant that quarters were always a little too close for comfort.

AFTER: Plenty of space and privacy to share

Separating the vanities and changing the direction of the door immediately made this bathroom more useful and family friendly. A private water closet adds privacy, and the walk-in shower will be stylish and functional for years.

Tranquil bathroom inspired by sky, water, and stone

The design solution the homeowners ultimately chose uses neutral tones and natural textures to create a relaxing atmosphere. Shorewater blue walls add color and cheerfulness to this family-friendly bathroom remodel.

Design details to make a space seem larger

Although the total square footage didn’t change, a few details make the space feel larger. Glass shower doors let the eye see all the way to the tile wall. Inside the shower, the floor tiles continue up the wall, which makes the floor area appear larger. Gleaming fixtures with a silvery finish and mirrors on two walls reflect light into the space. Recessed ceiling lighting, and polished nickel sconces provide plenty of artificial light, while the expansive bay windows let in daylight.

A plan to age-in-place

Mike and Teresa plan to stay in their home for at least ten years, perhaps longer. A lot can happen in that time. So their new bathroom is designed with that in mind. An enlarged walk-in shower minimizes the chances of slipping and falling for young children and adults alike. The water closet features an ADA-compliant comfort height toilet. Just a bit taller than a standard toilet, comfort height toilets make sitting down and standing up easier. Incorporating universal design elements like these can make aging in place practical for you and your family.

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