Basement Remodel

Eagan, MN

Who lives here

Suzy, Mike, their two sons and two dogs.

Obstacles and Opportunities

With exposed 2×4’s and a cold concrete floor, this basement used to resemble a Soviet work-out room. With a comfy family room, walk-up bar, and 3/4 bathroom, this newly habitable space is now an enjoyable place to relax and entertain.

Total basement overhaul

After working with New Spaces to do some quick cosmetic upgrades on their kitchen, these homeowners decided it was time to give their 1987 traditional two story home in Eagan, MN a thorough renovation. The scope of their project included shoring up the deck, replacing aging windows, creating a powder room with personality, and converting their unfinished lower level into a family friendly hangout.

Before: Unfinished basement looks more like a Soviet rec-room

After: Formerly dismal space is now a traditional family room with lots of storage.

Tall, dark, and handsome cabinets flank the television and media center. Cabinets for DVDs, video games, and miscellaneous knicky-knacks are painted to blend in with the walls. The makeshift remnant-as-rug has been replaced with plush carpeting. The color palette of this lower level makes use of a full range of neutral brown tones – from linen to beige to walnut. Often decried as dull and formless, these overlooked colors soften the space and create an atmosphere for introspection and relaxation.

The basement bar, where everyone knows your name

This walk-up bar, complete with a vintage pinball machine, has a nostalgic, honey-oak look. Behind the bar, there is a small counter, cabinets for snacks and glassware, a stainless steel beverage fridge, and an undermount clean-up sink. At their initial consultation, the homeowners said they wanted to incorporate the pinball machine into their design. New Spaces accommodated this request by creating a nook where the machine perfectly fits. If for any reason this couple decide to hang up their flippers they won’t be left with an awkward space where nothing else will fit – that’s thinking ahead.

Two new bathrooms

This 3/4 lower level bathroom has brighter colors than the rest of the basement but still fits within the overall scheme. Lighter tones and a frameless mirror make a smaller space seem larger. The alcove shower makes efficient use of the limited space.

Inspired by a vacation to Mexico, this powder room makes use of expressive tiles to create a transporting experience. Silver wood-look porcelain tiles resemble authentic wooden planks but are able to withstand a damp bathroom environment. Smokey tile wainscoting and colorful accent tiles have a rustic and handmade look. Hanging sconces above the large mirror resemble lanterns. Other details like dark fixtures, hardware, bronze sink, and bright green plants add to the theme of the design.

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