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How Much Does Remodeling a Bathroom Cost?

Remodeling has a bad reputation for being expensive and an unattainable goal for the average person. But is that assessment accurate? How much does remodeling really cost? Updating your bathroom might not do as much damage as you'd think. The first thing to say about...

Updated Kitchens that Aren’t White

There's no denying the popularity of white kitchens. In a way, white is becoming the honey oak of this decade - it sometimes seems like it's going in every kitchen! To be fair, most experts do think that white will have a lot more staying power than honey oak did, but...

Ideas for Finishing a Basement

If you're like most homeowners in MN, you probably have a whole bunch of unused space beneath your main floor that's going essentially unused - the basement. While it can be nice to have some unfinished storage capacity, there's often a better way to use what's likely...

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