Before and After Kitchen Remodel Photos:

Shorewood R24 Remodelers Showcase 2018


Before and After Kitchen Remodel from New Spaces.

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Photos of Before the Kitchen Remodel

Photos After the Kitchen Remodel

Before and After Kitchen Remodel Pictures

We wanted to take some time to highlight the before and after kitchen remodel at our Shorewood showcase.

Before the Remodel, this kitchen was dated and wasn’t ideal for the client’s lifestyle. At its core, this property was a typical late 80’s / early 90’s kitchen design that made it difficult to entertain, it felt dark, and lacked the open layout that’s so popular for kitchens in 2018.

Before and After 1990’s Kitchen Remodel

As you’ll see in these before and after kitchen remodeling photos, the original kitchen had some difficulties with their cabinets, center island, and the overall usability of the space.

They loved the space, just not the kitchen.

Before and After Kitchen Cabinets

Before the remodel, the kitchen cabinets and wood trim were a very dark Oak.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the cabinets were high quality, but out of stlye, and had limited functionality.

Great Remodeling Works to Maximize your Homes Potential to Your Lifestyle and Vision

Examine the first photo….

We went with a variety of colors in order to balance the kitchen while giving it a timeless, yet modern feel.

In the second photo, you’ll see the center island being showcased. The original center island was too tall, and served as a barrier when the clients entertained guests.

Each cabinet is much easier to use because they are pull out, oversized drawers instead of the typical  80’s/90’s style that’s harder to use.

We also Added a spice rack and other specialty items.

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